Known issues

Browsers and devices limitations

Most modern browsers like Chrome, Apple Safari, Edge and Mozilla Firefox are supported at the exclusion of Internet Explorer 11 which is not supported.

Most new apple devices (I pads and I phones) are supported but some older versions might not offer the whole range of the website's functionalities to users. 
Please contact us if you have some enquiries about these known limitations.

Soil Profile Reports

  1. When dropping pins for soil profile reports the series and date are not always shown in the right-hand panel  though there is data in the profile report.  We are investigating attribute mappings to remedy this.

  2. Some values in report are truncated to zero decimal places when they should show one or two decimals.  We will remedy this as the next update.

  3. Note also that we have identified quite a few soil profile locations for which we believe some soil data is available, but the upload and harmonization process is ongoing.  Only the location of profiles with data have been marked.  

Partners and funders